Outreach and Education

Navigators are crucial in improving access to healthcare in underserved areas by providing education and outreach and helping people enroll in healthcare coverage. By participating in health fairs, town halls, and expos, navigators can engage directly with community members, answer questions, and provide information about the benefits of healthcare coverage.

In underserved areas, many individuals and families may not have access to information about healthcare options or may face language or cultural barriers that make it difficult to understand their options. Our Community Champions, with their specialized training and expertise, can bridge this gap and provide the education and outreach necessary to ensure everyone has the information they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Furthermore, our community partners trust members of our communities and can establish relationships with those they serve. This trust is essential in encouraging individuals to seek out and take advantage of healthcare resources.

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A calendar of in-person assistance sites and outreach and education events can be found on our website located
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